“Jen explained things in a way that I could understand. I feel like I already knew a bit about nutrition, but there were a few things that I didn’t know the why behind or how to incorporate things and she helped with that.” – Carrie R.
“I enjoyed the information provided in the wellness class, Jen has a friendly yet no nonsense approach. During the presentation, she was clear, wasted no time but was very accommodating to all and Jen does what she says she’ll do, this is refreshing!” – Henry P.
“I learned so many tips to improve my family’s overall health that I could easily incorporate into our daily life. I liked learning the “why” behind how these mechanisms continue to a healthy body. Jen gave great recommendations, from food to books!” – Jocelyn W.
“I feel encouraged that I can apply holistic nutrition to my life, easier than I thought before this program. Each section was comprehensive yet broken down in to easily understood concepts.” – Renee N.
“Jen shared detailed research and I enjoyed being able to participate in the wellness program from home. I learned the importance of thoroughly reading labels instead of accepting what a company “presents” as fact.” Zia S. 
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