Product Recommendations

While I love shopping locally and supporting small, local businesses sometimes finding a product can prove difficult! Here are links to some of my favorite food and personal care products.


Bonafide Provisions

Osso Good Bone Broth

The Brothery – this is the only company I know that makes GAPS legal meat stock

Protein Powders

Designs for Health PurePea Unflavored/Unsweetened

Jarrow Organic Pea Protien

Vital Whey

Order any of the above options  via my Wellevate account and you’ll receive a 20% discount!

Mt Capra CLEAN Goat Milk Protein

Raw Organic Whey Protein

Reserveage Grass Fed Whey

Skincare and Makeup 

Living Libations


Real Food Connections

One of the biggest hindrances to changing dietary habits is finding where to purchase real, nourishing food. Some areas of the country have limited access to real food vendors or vendors are not conveniently located near your home. Time is another BIG issue – work, family, and activities often leave little time to prepare and enjoy nourishing meals. Thankfully, there are numerous resources nationwide and in the Bay Area that can help overcome these obstacles!

I’ve created two comprehensive lists of my favorite resources found nationwide and in the San Francisco Bay and Santa Cruz Areas. Click the links below to access this helpful information.

Nationwide Real Food Resources

Bay Area Real Food Resources

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