Revitalize Digestion Group Option

Revitalize Digestion is a 21 day program, developed by a doctor and nutritionist.  This program lowers inflammation,  supports optimal digestion, and may improve overall health using a short term, anti-inflammatory, elimination diet. Revitalize includes professional grade, anti-microbial supplements, probiotics, and supportive herbs to reduce fungal and bacterial overgrowth that often contribute to chronic inflammation. 

This program is suitable for most and especially those with allergies, brain fog, eczema/acne, digestive dysfunction, insulin or weight loss resistant, CIRS (mold illness), autoimmune conditions, or Lyme disease. Revitalize is not suitable for those actively trying to conceive or nursing mothers.

After completing the 21 day program, there is an optional ‘Challenge Phase’ during which participants follow a short re-introduction protocol; helping to determine if foods eliminated during the anti-inflammatory diet are causing hidden sensitivities/intolerances. Again, the ‘Challenge Phase’ is optional.

Group package includes:

Revitalize Digestion Guidebook/Cookbook, customized supplements ($175 retail value), two 90 minute online group support sessions (Intro and Q&A), unlimited text/email support, and private Facebook support group (optional).

Groups are offered throughout the year, typically in January, February and October. Check back to see when the next group starts.

Ready to participate? 

If you have a group of 3 or more ready to complete this program at different time than mentioned above, please contact me first to set up dates and times that works for your group. Once we have dates set, each individual can pay separately via the link below.