Revitalize Digestion Group (3 or more)


Revitalize Digestion is a program that may improve overall health and supports optimal digestion using a short term elimination diet. Revitalize also uses professional grade anti-microbial supplements, probiotics, and supportive herbs that help reduce fungal and bacterial overgrowth that often cause inflammation. This program is suitable for most and especially those with brain fog, eczema/acne, digestive dysfunction, insulin or weight loss resistant, autoimmune conditions, or Lyme disease. This program is not suitable for those actively trying to conceive or nursing mothers.

Group package includes:
Revitalize Digestion Guidebook/Cookbook, supplements, 90 minute online group intro/ Q&A support session and 90 minute online group Q&A/support session, unlimited text/email support, and private Facebook support group (optional).