Additional Services

Need some additional guidance? I am HAPPY to help! Besides one on one consulting, I offer a variety of services to help ensure your endeavor to create a healthy lifestyle is successful!

  • Pantry and refrigerator clean-out ($150 for 2 hours/available in San Francisco and Monterey Bay Areas) – Are you overwhelmed or confused on how to help you and your family eat healthier but not sure where to begin? The clean out is an easy way to make immediate changes! My goal is to create a comfortable space to share and suggest healthier substitutes. We’ll work together to determine if the foods in your home are supportive to your health and we’ll purge items that aren’t. We’ll talk about sweeteners, processed foods, healthy fats and oils, appropriate legume, nut, and grain preparation, probiotic foods and cooking ideas. You’ll gain knowledge and insight, plus I promise to make it fun!
  • Farmers market tour ($75 for 1 hour/available in San Francisco and Monterey Bay Areas) – we’ll spend an hour at your local farmers market to learn how shopping at the market can save money, help you eat with the seasons, and provide your family with the freshest produce available.
  • Grocery store walk through ($150 for 2 hours/ available in the San Francisco and Monterey Bay Areas) – this is a one on one trip to your store of choice. During our time together I will teach you how to read labels, ingredients to avoid, and the best options to purchase.
  • Virtual pantry and refrigerator clean out ($125 for 2 hours/ available anywhere) – same as described above except we’ll work together via Zoom video conference.
  • Virtual account set up with Azure Standard, UNFI, or Thrive Market ($60 per hour/available anywhere) – are you interested in using one of these online vendors to reduce trips to the grocery store and save money while enjoying real food? Let me help find your local drop spot, set up your account, and put together a favorites list based on your food preferences. You’ll be set up to order in no time! This service typically takes 2 hours – 1 hour for us to chat about food preferences and 1 hour for me to set up your account and favorites list.
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