Hello! I’m Jennifer N., a Certified Nutrition Consultant, GAPS Practitioner and Intuitive Eating Coach, I’m glad you’ve found me!

After dealing with unexplained infertility and many unnerving, unusual, and unexplainable health issues for over 15 years without answers from several doctors, I finally received an accurate diagnosis in 2012 of late stage Lyme Disease and co-infections, Babesia and Bartonella.

During the years I was actively treating the infections, I was fortunate to work with some of the best doctors in the US and Germany. One of the attributes I admire most about the doctors and practitioners I worked with was their caring and collaborative nature, I found that to be a very important aspect of our relationships. This is an attribute I hope to share with my clients.

There were many times along the way I contemplated if the ups and downs that come along with treating systemic infections was worth it. I can honestly say it was! I’ve recovered from all three tick-borne infections as well as intestinal permeability, histamine intolerance, and eczema thanks to proper treatment from knowledgeable doctors and practitioners, supportive therapies, dietary, lifestyle changes, and A LOT of perseverance!

I’m grateful to have been symptom free of Lyme and co-infections for over 7 years, and I plan on doing my best to keep it that way!

When working with clients, I want to empower and support their health and wellness with honesty, compassion, and integrity. I will strive to provide individualized care that encourages optimal health and wellness for your life.

In my spare time, I enjoy being outdoors as much as possible! Much of my time over the past several years has been spent building a small homestead, which currently includes 11 hens, a bee colony, a small orchard, and vegetable garden. I also enjoy spending time at the beach, hiking, camping, reading, and listening to a variety of music and podcasts.

If you’d like to learn more about the Lyme treatments I had in Germany, please visit honeychickhomestead.com to read about my experience.